Botanical Lampshades, North Sandwich, NH

Individually designed and handcrafted pressed
flower lampshades constructed with the finest materials.


Lampshade Designs

 When illuminated, Botanical Lampshade designs are dramatically enhanced, coming alive with color, and preserving nature's beauty for years of enjoyment.


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    Basic design categories are florals, woodlands and leaves, wildflowers and grasses.. Floral designs are the most colorful and feminine. Woodland designs use rustic ferns and leaves. Grasses and wildflowers give a subtle, delicate look that works with any decor. Shades with autumn leaves have a bright, bold look and preserve the beauty of fall in New Hampshire for years.

   This is not intended to be a catalog. Lampshades viewed on this website were designed for other clients. As in nature, Botanical Lampshades cannot be duplicated exactly, as plant materials differ in size, shape, color and availability. Also, no insects were harmed in the making of these shades. Dragonflies and butterflies used on shades are not real insects; they are created out of plant material.


Floral Lampshades - Descending Designs - (click photos for larger image)

delphinium, lobelia
swirly grass

delphinium, beach twigs,
passion flower tendrils

cosmos, grape vines,
flower petal butterfly

delphinium, freesia,
daffodils, forget-me-nots and scilla

 Floral Lampshades - Floral Fan Designs

delphinium, dianthus
and grass seed heads

wild larkspur, coral bells,
Russian sage and dianthus

forget-me-nots, shad,
scilla and lady's mantle

delphinium, pink larkspur
and babies breath

 Floral Lampshades - Crescent Designs

delphinium, twinkle phlox,
Queen Anne's lace

cosmos, coreopsis,
black-eyed Susans

delphinium, yellow daisy,
ammi majus and China doll

calendula, delphinium,
cosmos, China doll
and cinquefoil

 Floral Border Designs

delphinium, Russian Sage
and hydrangea

delphinium, lobelia,
and hydrangea

 Floral Lampshades - Diagonal Designs

cosmos, goldenrod,
basket of gold
and forget-me-nots

delphinium, ash leaflets
and grass seed heads

dianthus, wild larkspur
and grassy spray

crabapple buds,
corydalis and fern

 Grasses and Wildflowers

dogwood, Queen Anne's lace
and grasses

simple grass fan

grass fan, wildflowers,
shown with columbine,
available with others

diagonal grass spray,
Queen Anne's Lace
and deutzia

 Ferns and Woodlands

fall color ferns, moss,
maple flyers and
pine needles

fall sumac, royal fern
curls, Japanese maple

rabbits foot fern,
fall royal fern, grasses
and Japanese Maple

green fern,
princess pine,

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 Wedding Bouquets:  Preserve your wedding bouquet forever in a custom lampshade! Bring us your fresh bouquet, or we can tell you how to prepare your flowers for pressing.


Important: Purchased lampshade designs will be duplicated as closely as possible to those shown on our website. However, individual flowers and leaves may differ slightly. If this is a problem or concern, please e-mail with preferences where substitutes are necessary.

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